Welcome to join our Webinar on the 14th of November about Disability Rights in Europe 

Get to know the European Disability Rights Strategy and what is on the agenda during the upcoming Swedish presidency in the EU 2023. Learn more about the role of The Disability Intergroup in the European Parliament.

Main target group: Swedish stakeholders in the disability rights movement, government and public agencies working with disability rights

10:45 Welcome!
Lotta Håkansson, Swedish Disability Rights Federation moderator.

10:50 The European Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Alison Crabb, Head of unit, Disability and Inclusion, European Commission

11:00 The European Parliament and Disability Rights
Malin Björk (v), Swedish Member of the European Parliament and member of ”Disability Intergroup”

11:10 Expectations from the Swedish Presidency
Alejandro Moledo, deputy director European Disability Forum

11:20 The Swedish government’s work with the European Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and upcoming Presidency
Christina Welander, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (to be confirmed),

11:30 Questions and Answers

11:45 End

The webinar will have both English and Swedish speakers.

Pre-registration needed (only in Swedish)

Contact: Erika Hudson erika.hudson@funktionsratt.se